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What is an International Esthetician?

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The very first question I get from my guests and esthetician associates in the spa, skin care, and massage therapy business is: “What is an International Esthetician?” followed by, “I’ve never heard of that!” I answer, “It’s true that you probably have not heard of an International Esthetician because there are not many of us here in the United States, however, across the world, there are.”

Worldwide, an International Esthetician is the highest level of skin care and beauty qualification, although in the United States it is not yet as recognized. Because of this, I try to educate as many people as I can, and as I begin to explain the elements of my profession,faces light up! As an International Esthetician, it is exciting for me to relate the information that so well deserves to be shared. At PhD Skin Cream and Elastica, with its international patent and trade portfolio, my certification and extensive knowledge is exactly what is required for my position of International Esthetician/Educator!

The education I acquired has afforded me a future of great opportunity in such an amazing and creative field of beauty, and has allowed me to prosper in becoming an International Educator, and I support a program as great as CIDESCO. What a privilege! Thank you CIDESCO and thank you Elastica!

Check out CIDESCO video, this will explain more.

CIDESCO USA Site http://probeauty.org/esthetics/

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