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What is the basic difference between Collagen and Elastin in skin care?

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Collagen comprises the major protein of the dermis. It makes up the underlying skeletal framework supporting the major cellular components of the dermis and forming the foundation on which the epidermis is anchored. 

Collagen itself is comprised of very strong fibers having a tensile strength close to that of steel. Elastin on the other hand is a protein component present in a lesser concentration than collagen but equally as critical for skin function.

It is also located in the dermis and renders suppleness, softness and elasticity to skin. It forms a 3-dimensional network between the collagen fibers. Both collagen and elastin are produced by dermal fibroblasts. But elastin has another unique feature which collagen does not. 

Parts of it’s polypeptide structure contains protein sequences possessing hormonal activity. It is these sequences that give Elastica it’s unique rejuvenating property because Elastica is produced in such a way so as to preserve these hormonal properties.

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